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How to Select the Correct Sub Woofer Enclosure

A lot of vehicle owners thinking about adding a brand-new bass bass speaker or subwoofer to their car or truck audio system have no clue of the significance the subwoofer box performs. They'll blow their spending budget on an costly bass speaker or subwoofer and don't put any work to find the right sub box for their particular car or truck. I know this is true because I have handled unsatisfied consumers who have visited me after buying the incorrect box for their subwoofer.

Basically, the sub woofer enclosure supplies the required back pressure from the air volume that allows any loudspeaker to operate the way in which the maker intended it. The sub enclosure needs to be matched up to the specs of the sub woofer. You will generally get the manufacturer's suggestions provided with virtually any brand new loudspeaker. If you purchase a second hand sub, you can get the information you need on the internet.

The sub woofer enclosure provides a huge effect on the caliber of sound you'll get out of your loudspeaker. Yet, regrettably often the consumer will attempt to be cheap by possibly creating his own enclosure or purchasing the least expensive box available on the market while not thinking about the particular needs of the sub woofer. If you want to take advantage of your expensive sub woofer, you ought to choose a very good factory created sub woofer box.

In general, although there are many individual kinds of loudspeaker enclosures, there's two groups to take into account. The conventional box, which might be a sealed enclosure or ported or of the bandpass construction. Most of these are going to be regular retangular boxes and typically the most popular will be the 10 subwoofer enclosure and also the 12 subwoofer enclosure. The dimensions of the sub box is going to be based on the air volume needs of the loudspeaker. Generally they are made of wood or MDF. Although these will have a tendency to be the lowest priced speaker enclosures, they'll need a relatively big space for installation. So the question for you is just how much room would you like to allocate towards your audio system?

I think, the best option anytime obtainable is usually a custom subwoofer enclosure. This kind of loudspeaker box is generally cast in fiberglass or composite materials. They are offered for those widely used cars or trucks in the marketplace from brands like Bassforms, MTX Thunderforms and JL Audio Stealthboxes. They are known as "custom" since they're designed to easily fit in out-of-the-way locations like below rear truck seats or for the side areas of car trunks or SUV's. They'll be a little more pricey then regular boxes however the point that they will use useless space as well as create good sound means they are the ideal choice for most. As well as the cast custom sub enclosures, manufacturers like RT, Obcon, and Atrend produce comparable custom-fit subwoofer boxes of MDF in numerous designs and are less expensive.

You'll find that a number of custom sub boxes offer the advantage of integrating an amp as well as a matched up sub woofer mounted. These happen to be supplied by MTX and JL Audio although being more costly then bare boxes you need to take into account you won't need to buy and set up a independent amp. Certainly once the power amplifier is built-into the enclosure, you conserve space which additionally tends to make a simpler set up.

Therefore whatever kind sub box you decide on, make sure to invest some time doing research prior to buying. Should you so, you will gain by experiencing the bass sound you envisioned out of your sub.

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