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What Kicker Speakers are best for Your Vehicle?

Kicker car audio speakers presents one of the most popular lines of subwoofers on the market.

 Kicker fortifies their Comp subwoofer with a rock-solid steel basket, and keeps it cool with perimeter venting. The famous Inverted Structural Dome design reduces cone flex that can lead to distorted output, so the Comp sub can handle plenty of power without blowing a gasket. Kicker rounds out this handsome sub with nickel-plated push terminals for quick hookup.

 Kicker builds the CompVR round subwoofers to endure the harsh demands of producing big bass. Each sub houses an injected-molded polypropylene cone and Santopreneā„¢ rubber surround in a high-strength steel basket with plenty of interior venting. Kicker's SoloKonā„¢ cone design looks fantastic while it protects against flexing that can wreck your sub and your sound.

Kicker's space-saving shallow CompVT subwoofers combine outstanding power handling with the ability to fit in your vehicle's tight spots. These extra-shallow speakers combine extended cone excursion and a slender frame, without sacrificing sound quality or bass impact.

Kicker's Solo-Baric L7 subwoofers deliver great performance that will separate your system from the rest of the pack. And you'll appreciate the dual voice coil design that allows you to wire your sub to get the most out of your system.

The L7 subwoofer begins with a square cone crafted from aluminum-treated composites and suspended in a tough Santoprene rubber surround. This combination of an ultra-rigid cone and excellent excursion moves lots of air, for bass you can hear and feel. The fact of the matter is that Kicker speakers have been favorites of car audio enthusiasts for years and they remain a leader.



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